Venmo for Slack

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/venmo balance

Returns your Venmo balance

Example: /venmo balance

/venmo last

Returns your last command

Example: /venmo last

/venmo search {query:required}

Searches for a Venmo user, search will return up to 10 users.

Example: /venmo search golf1052

/venmo (audience:optional) pay/charge amount for {note:required} to {recipients:required}

Pay or charge the given amount to the specified recipients. Defaults to private

audience (optional): public, friends, or private. Defaults to private if omitted.

pay or charge: pay or charge the specified recipients.

amount: The amount.

note: The Venmo note.

recipients: A list of recipients, can use their Venmo username (must be Venmo friends with them), phone number prefiexed with phone (example phone:4015556666), email prefixed with email (example, or Venmo id prefixed with user_id (example user_id:1346633728000000041)

Example: /venmo charge $10 for lunch to boss phone:4015556666

Example: /venmo private charge $25 for dinner to a-user another-user

Also supports basic arithmetic statements. Does not follow order of operations or support parenthesis.

Example: /venmo charge $20 + $40 / 3 for brunch to a_user boss phone:5556667777

This would charge $20 NOT $33.33 to each user in the recipients list

/venmo alias {id:required} {alias:required}

Set an alias for a Venmo username

id: Venmo username

alias: The alias for that user, must not contain spaces.

Example: /venmo alias 4u$3r1d sam

/venmo alias list

List all aliases

/venmo alias delete {alias:required}

Delete an alias

alias: The alias for that user, must not contain spaces.

Example: /venmo alias delete sam

/venmo pending (incoming/outgoing:optional)

Returns pending Venmo charges. Also returns ID for payment completion. Defaults to incoming

Example: /venmo pending

Example: /venmo pending incoming

Example: /venmo pending outgoing

/venmo complete {accept/reject/cancel:required} {ids:required OR all}

accept/reject pending incoming Venmos with the specified IDs

cancel pending outgoing Venmos with the specified IDs

accept/reject/cancel all Venmos

ids: Venmo payment IDs

Example: /venmo complete accept 987134987329743243

Example: /venmo complete accept 456734987329744567 134534987329743846

Example: /venmo complete accept all

/venmo history

Returns up to the last 50 Venmo transactions (payments or transfers)

/venmo schedule {recurrence:required} {execution date:required} {payment command:required}

Example: /venmo schedule every beginning of the month pay $10 for Netflix to testuser

this would pay $10 every 1st of the month to testuser

note that scheduled Venmos will always execute at 12 PM on the scheduled day unless otherwise specified and will never execute on the current day, so for example if today is Wednesday and you schedule a Venmo for Wednesday it will be scheduled for next week's Wednesday

recurrence: either every meaning repeated or on OR at meaning one-time

execution date: supports day or tomorrow, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, beginning of the month, end of the month, day of the month (1/2/3/.../29/30/31), ISO 8601 string: examples 2020-02-29 or 2020-02-29T18:30

payment command: a valid payment command

/venmo schedule list

list all scheduled Venmos

/venmo schedule delete ###

delete the specified scheduled Venmo

/venmo autopay add user is {friend id or alias:required} (and amount is/=/==/===/</<= "amount") (and note is "note")

Example: /venmo autopay add user is test_user and amount is $4.20 and note is test note

Example: /venmo autopay add user is anotheruser and amount <= 10

Example: /venmo autopay add user is thirduser and note is another note

Example: /venmo autopay add user is fourthuser

In order to add an autopayment for a Venmo user you must be friends with them or have their Venmo username aliased.

You can define an amount and/or a note to accept from that Venmo user.

Once you setup an autopayment, anytime you get a Venmo from that user that matches your defined autopayment you will automatically pay them.

If you have an autopayment for a Venmo user with an amount or note defined but the charge from that Venmo user doesn't match you'll get a response on why it didn't match.

There is a built-in cooldown on how often autopayments can be triggered in order to prevent abuse.

/venmo autopay list

List all defined autopayments

/venmo autopay delete ###

Delete the specified autopayment

/venmo delete

Deletes your Venmo authentication information from the database but retains your settings (aliases, schedules).

/venmo delete everything

Deletes all of your information including your Venmo authentication information and settings (aliases, schedules) from the database.

This is not reversible.

venmo auth username password


username: Your Venmo login email/username/phone number

password: Your Venmo password

Logs you into Venmo. You must authenticate before you can start using other commands.

You may receive a 2FA code on your phone. If so send /venmo otp code with the code received.

venmo otp code

code: 2FA code received on your phone

Verifies your 2FA code and logs you into Venmo.

/venmo code {code:required}

No longer supported. Use /venmo auth username password instead.

/venmo create

Updates the Venmo Home tab

/venmo help

This help text